DANGER! Being The Log of Captain John Sirius,

(nv) The Strand Magazine, Jul 1914, vol. 48, p3-20, ill. E. S. Hodgson (7);

Reprinted in: Collier's Weekly Magazine (NY) vol. 53, 22 Aug, p5-6, 33; 29 Aug, p23-24, 1914, ill. Henry Reuterdahl (7+cover);
Associated Sunday Magazines, 27 Sep, p3-4, 04 Oct, p7-8, 11 Oct, p7-8, 1914, ill. Dan Smith and L. F. Conrey (6+cover)

Collections: Danger! and Other Stories; The Best Science Fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle; The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Reader: From Sherlock Holmes to Spiritualism;

Author's Editions: Vol. 12, The Stark Munro Letters. Danger! Other Stories, The Crowborough Edition, 1930;

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